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Zack Kass has over a decade in AI leadership, most recently as Head of Go-To-Market at OpenAI where he spearheaded business partnerships.

He left this role to aid businesses, nonprofits, and governments make the most of the AI revolution, read about it in this piece from Fortune.

He’s advised giants like Coca-Cola, Boeing, and the White House on AI strategy.

Amid a surge of new AI experts, Zack offers experience and pragmatic insights for major organizations looking to build a brighter future with AI. He aids senior leaders in navigating AI’s complexities, providing foresight and direction to help them find clarity in a sea of noise.

About Zack

Zack Kass has worked at the vanguard of AI for the last 14-years, most recently serving as the Head of Go-to-Market at OpenAI.

He has personally orchestrated transformational AI strategies at some of the world’s largest organizations and governments such as Coca-Cola, Boeing, and The White House.

Zack has has an unwavering optimism about the potential of AI. His mission is to inspire responsible and safe adoption of AI that moves the world forward, highlighting the path towards an AI-driven future where businesses flourish and all humans benefit. 

Zack Kass

Disclaimer: Zack Kass is not an employee, agent, or representative of OpenAI and does not speak for, represent, or communicate the views, information, or policies of OpenAI in any manner. All thoughts, ideas, insights, and information delivered on Zack’s website, as well as through his speaking engagements and advisory roles, are solely his own and do not reflect the views, stances, or confidential information of OpenAI.

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