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Take the AI conversation much deeper—with C-level meetings and workshops with Zack Kass, whose advisory clients include the White House, top universities, and over 350 boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies. 

Preparing businesses, organizations, and leaders for abundant change.

Zack offers the experienced, unbiased guidance you need to make AI your strategic advantage—baking the very best of AI into your vision, your strategy, and your people—for your greatest possible future.

With his hand-picked team of AI’s brightest and best, Zach can help you with any number of circumstances such as setting long-term strategy. Finalizing big decisions. Resolving wicked problems. Gaining new efficiencies. Driving adoption. Engaging the workforce. Zack’s process can help you identify and release the underrecognized value that is already within your organization’s grasp, if only you gain the clarity and confidence to put it to work. Bottom line, you will re-imagine what’s possible using AI for topline growth. Choose the option that best fits your needs. 

Take the AI conversation deeper.

Previous clients include the White House, top universities, and 350+ Fortune 500 boardrooms.

Zack Kass’s advisory services provide unique expertise and perspective to help drive tangible improvements in business operations and top-line growth. His applied AI approach is grounded in practicality, emphasizing strategic decisions and tailored integration yielding real benefits. 

Understanding the process.

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Consulting & Briefing

Initial analysis of your organization's AI capabilities and needs.

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Leadership Review

A thorough review to identify strategic AI opportunities.

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Joint Session

Discussing alignment of our strategy with your vision and goals.

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Offsite Deep Dive

A focused workshop to explore AI opportunities and strategies.

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AI Landscape Overview

Insights into AI trends and their relevance to your industry.

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‘Milestones to Moonshots’

Identifying and planning for both shortterm wins and longterm goals.

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AI Action Plan Session

Developing a clear, actionable plan for AI integration.

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The ZKAI Report

A detailed follow-up report outlining the strategic plan and next steps.

Our mission is to demystify AI, making it beneficial for your business.

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