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Aiming to provide insight into the complexities of AI, shifting societal norms, and imagining an abundant future for all.  

AI’s Implications Today Create an Entirely New Tomorrow 

The Abundant Newsletter is an indispensable resource for forward-thinking leaders navigating the complexities of AI integration in today’s business landscape. 


Thoughtfully Curated

Thoughtfully curated, this newsletter provides deep dives into emerging trends, best technology practices, and the potential challenges posed by AI.

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Rich Insights

You will benefit from rich insights and research topics, ensuring that you make decisions grounded in clarity and foresight

Greater Understanding

You will be equipped with a greater understanding to harness the transformative power of AI, positioning your organization for success in an increasingly digital world. 

It’s not just about understanding AI; it’s about leveraging it effectively to imagine an Abundant future. 

About Zack

Zack Kass has worked at the vanguard of AI for the last 14-years, most recently serving as the Head of Go-to-Market at OpenAI. 

He has personally orchestrated transformational AI strategies at some of the world’s largest organizations and governments such as Coca-Cola, Boeing, and The White House.

Zack has has an unwavering optimism about the potential of AI. His mission is to inspire responsible and safe adoption of AI that moves the world forward, highlighting the path towards an AI-driven future where businesses flourish and all humans benefit. 

Zack Kass

An Abundant Future for All

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