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Zack works with planners to deliver clear, impactful AI presentations, ensuring each event hits the mark and offers real value. 

Tailored Insights for Every Audience

When it comes to breaking down the complexities of AI, Zack cuts through the noise and provides real, actionable insights for every audience. 

More than just buzzwords and predictions, Zack offers relatable examples on how audiences should adapt to the accelerating wave of AI. His specialty? Helping teams grasp both the essence and potential of AI – distinguishing what it is from what it’s not. This clarity empowers organizations to seize the technology’s benefits today, enhancing team experiences and overall organizational performance.

How to Book Zack

1. Let’s Talk

Start the conversation. Share your goals and vision for the
event. We’ll discuss potential themes, delve into the
specifics, and begin crafting a program tailored to your needs. 

2. Reserve Your Date

Zack requires a 50% deposit to reserve a date, once the contract is signed and we receive confirmation of the deposit initiation we’ll book the pre-event call.

3. Pre-Event Call

With the date set, we dive deeper. This is where we align on content, customize the keynote, and make sure that the material resonates with your audience. Your feedback is paramount. 

4. Event Day

The big day arrives. Zack will engage and enlighten your audience, drawing on tailored insights and impactful anecdotes. Expect a memorable session that sparks dialogue and drives action.

Zack Kass Speaking


Below you will find important downloadable PDFs to help plan and market your event. If we don’t have something you’re looking for below, please contact our team.  

Sell Sheet



Click on an image below to download the high resolution image file. 

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